Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3)

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This superb collection of erotic stories will have you squirming in your seat! Inked contains first tattoos in Company Ink and first times in Scissoring. An uptight commuter finds herself attracted to her polar opposite in Uncovering Heather, while the ultimate Dom looks to get what he deserves in Her Midnight Roses. And in Nine Lives, a top tattoo artist has never forgotten one particular customer and when they reconnect, she discovers he has new ink for each new life. Amazon UK. Amazon US. Or… What if you want to show your husband how you need to be taken by other men, while he is only permitted to watch?

What she deserves; a man whose physical prowess far surpasses your own. These are but some of the aspects of the cuckolding fantasy. Cuckolding is deeply layered. From privately whispered scenes between a Hotwife and her Cuck, to a wide range of humiliation play requiring the adept skills of a big, beautiful Bull…or three.

I do hope that you have a good time. This tribute to the body beautiful, where men who look like Greek gods are worshipped for their outsized attributes. Editor and Gaybie-award winner Shane Allison takes us into the erotic world of hard-working guys who like to work out along with hard-bodied body builders and the men who desire them. These uninhibited stories are by the masters of the genre and editor Shane Allison gets the party started with a true confession of his own. At the gym, in the locker room, and especially in the steam room, the hunks who look hard, work hard, and play hard inspire fantasies the world over.

Come along for the ride and explore what goes on both in the gym as well as in those showers and locker rooms after a hard, sweaty work out. What happens when a personal trainer take things to a whole new level with his lusty client?


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How rowdy does it get when rock hard jocks get it on in the showers after a game? The steamiest gay erotica ever! Cleis Press. Barnes and Noble. Uther Pendragon. Morgana le Fay. Merlin the Wizard. Sir Lancelot. Sir Gawain. Tales of the world of Camelot have been adapted into animated movies, television dramas, Broadway musicals… and now erotica.

So Natural, so Right: A Lesbian's First Time

Take a peek into the mind of Mordred, a villain against his own choosing, as he seeks out his own pleasure before fulfilling his destiny. See how Arthur and Lancelot ache for each other, and feel your pulse quicken as they finally give in to temptation. This anthology, edited by long-time Circlet editor Jennifer Levine, includes the following stories:.

All Romance ebooks. But desire cannot be banished forever behind bars. Editors Salome Wilde and Talon Rihai cordially invite you behind bars for a glimpse at lesbian desire penned by erotica and romance authors both well-known and new, including J. Chamberlin, C. Boyle, M. Bella Books. Temperatures will rise both outside and in when going through this steaming collection of outdoorsy tales of lesbian lust.

Amazon CA. Amazon DE. Monica was right; this was a terrible idea. I was about to get up and leave when Strande leaned forward with his hands clasped in front of him.

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Only three people applied for the job: a woman in her forties, a man — if you can believe it — and you. But let me warn you, young lady, you will find this the dullest, most unrewarding job you will ever have. I should know; I was doing it at your age. Think carefully.

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I am not a forgiving man. He stared into my eyes; I stared back without blinking. Finally, he sniffed loudly and sat back in his seat. The work was dull, repetitive and mostly unappreciated. Only Rodrek, a junior reporter, ever thanked me for the coffee. But I did like being there. There are few places I can go where I just fade into the wallpaper. Monica kept one eye on the entrance and berated me again for my spectacularly poor judgement.

The biggest paper in Trondheim and not one journalist, photographer or editor has looked at me twice. She lit a cigarette and craned her neck to blow smoke at my eyes. The mantra changed a while ago. Switzerland maybe. Or America.

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The other customers were staring at me; some smiled sympathetically, some shrugged — others frowned while they backtracked through our conversation, perhaps trying to piece together our lives from a single snatched word:. An old man, sitting alone in one corner, gripped the arm of a passing waiter.

Lip Service (Book 3 of "Alison's Erotic Adventures")

He whispered in his ear and pointed in my direction. I guessed he was a Survivor. We ran into them frequently, or their relatives, or their descendants, or people with no lives of their own and nothing better to do than hound us. Strange when you consider there were only a few hundred people in that village to begin with.

I left money next to the ice cream dish and hurried back to the Echo. The editors and journalists crammed into his smoke-filled office looked at each other and then back at Strande. He was purple, a very deep purple. I moved amongst the rigid bodies, quietly taking orders for the afternoon coffee run. She smiled weakly and a ripple of laughter flowed around the office. Oscar Strande stared at her and rolled his cigar from the left side of his mouth to the right — the angry side.

Good, I thought not.

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It is worse than shit. Norway during the war — check. Norway and its nascent welfare system — check. Yes, we know all that! And that, dear friends, is shit. Norway is just a slab of land which God saw fit to place next to an oil slick. What makes our country is the people who built it. Did no one think to speak to the family of Edvard Grieg? Yes, he is the most reviled man in Norwegian history, but his actions lit a fire of righteousness that still burns in every one us.

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Yes, you — coffee girl. We might put a man on the moon, we might not. I just want to know how to get out of this crappy job and get one like yours. The journalists looked at each other.

Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3) Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3)
Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3) Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3)
Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3) Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3)
Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3) Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3)
Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3) Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3)
Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3) Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3)
Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3) Whisper in your Ear (Lesbian Erotica Book 3)

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