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Nearly Unbelievable, Yet True: 'Snitch'

Unbelievable: the quiet power of Netflix's fact-based rape drama

With millions of people using the many social media platforms on offer, the potential audience is becoming one of the largest pools of lead generation. Influencers have built up strong followings on social media, and are considered more instrumental and easy to relate to than the celebrities who endorse products across traditional media sources, such as TV, radio and magazines. Comparably, influencers are normal people who have built their businesses or social media presence by providing interesting and engaging content. As social media has developed, companies have been utilising the influencer marketing model more to promote their own brands.

The proof of just how powerful influencer marketing has become is demonstrated by some compelling statistics and facts that are becoming more commonplace. Young people have always listened to their peers and consider influencers to be a part of their peer group. Although they may idolise sporting and TV celebrities from afar, they understand that famous personalities are not a part of their own lives.

They may aspire to be like them, but they appreciate them more as fantasy figures.

The way they perceive influencers, however, is different. They connect and engage with influencers on social media as if they were friends, particularly those who come from similar backgrounds as them. Teenagers feel they know the influencers and because of this, they trust them and their opinions.


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When an influencer gives them advice they follow it. This comes down to the strong ties the influencers forge with their fan base compared to the relationship these same viewers have with YouTube videos of celebrities. Influencer videos are watched more and get twice as much direct action be it interaction, or product purchases etc , as a result of the video than those of traditional celebrities. These are powerful statistics that demonstrate the strength of influencer marketing, particularly when considering the impact on the upcoming generation of online shoppers.

Mind reader:

Newspapers and magazines are now widely available online and are read more frequently on tablets and phones than ever before. This, in turn, has led to the slow decline of print marketing over the last few years. Marketers have naturally looked to other forms of promotion, in particular focusing on different methods of advertising online. However, the internet is a crowded marketplace and in order to be seen across the world wide web, brands have, by necessity, narrowed their target audience down in order to reach out and connect with better, more qualified potential leads.

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Consumers have gradually changed their own methods of purchasing and now seek out recommendations and reviews, trusting those from family, friends and social media influencers over traditional print ads. Purchasers are no longer simply convinced by companies extolling the virtues of their products; instead, they want social proof from people they have relationships with, including the authorities they follow online. They spend more money leading to higher average order values and are happy to share their experiences about the product or service as well, leading to second-tier customers gained indirectly as a result of the initial marketing campaign.

Consumers like to read content about a subject before committing to the purchase, so turn to blogs and articles to help them get a better understanding first. Although influencer marketing has been around for several years now, it is only in the last couple of years that it has experienced a major growth spurt. Thanks to the popularity of social media, influencers have a greater reach and their voice is heard more. Established companies and newcomers are looking to leverage the power of the social media reach through various platforms and devices; compare the search term volumes for influencer marketing today to three years ago and you will discover a three-fold increase, while the end of into saw a five-fold growth rate.

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Duvall already knows the outline of the crime — breaking and entering, a rape that lasted for hours — but she starts at the beginning, smoothly guiding Amber through an interview step by step, checking her comfort level with each question. Yet she builds a case, detail by detail. In other words: she does good work. The whole episode is a portrait in how things should be — how serious sexual assault cases should be taken, how crucial it is to listen to victims, how memory lapses and scattered details should be considered part and parcel of trauma memory, not a strike against it.

It just so happens in this case, what should be is also what was — the episode, written by Susannah Grant, the series co-creator with Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman, is based on the true story outlined in An Unbelievable Story of Rape, a article by T Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong co-published by ProPublica and the Marshall Project. Their process is diligent — late nights, meticulous lists of all cars captured in one recovered security video, data sets on data sets — and crackling, in the way watching two people consistently level each other up can be; inspiring, in their empathy and doggedness; refreshing, in a way more visceral than intellectual — it holds my frustratingly short attention span, without draining it.

She reports an hours-long rape by a masked stranger, but the police take the opposite tack than Duvall. She fearfully recants, and is charged with false reporting. The stories are two sides of the same coin — on one, the system failing; on the other, the system working — and listening — as it should.

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It illustrates two truths at the same time: law enforcement fails victims routinely, banally, devastatingly; there are also good actors who do the work. Unbelievable balances the two without veering into the salacious or exploitative — the assaults cast in brief memory flashes rather than scenes — or outrage-inducing.

The Unbelievable yet True Tale of the Switzerland UFO Incident (Full Documentary)
Unbelievable... Yet True Unbelievable... Yet True
Unbelievable... Yet True Unbelievable... Yet True
Unbelievable... Yet True Unbelievable... Yet True
Unbelievable... Yet True Unbelievable... Yet True
Unbelievable... Yet True Unbelievable... Yet True
Unbelievable... Yet True Unbelievable... Yet True
Unbelievable... Yet True Unbelievable... Yet True

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