Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy)

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Writing came up in the discussion and I remember telling Ellendea that I had always wanted to write a novel. Some four months later I completed the first draft of Wivenhoe Park , which a publisher friend loved.

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Almost a year to the day after that lunch in New Orleans, Wivenhoe Park was in print. The idea of a sequel and, possibly, a trilogy floated in my mind as I was writing Wivenhoe Park and it came to fruition when I started outlining ideas for my novel Heartworm. Set ten years after Wivenhoe Park , Heartworm is a comedown novel.

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If Wivenhoe Park was my Psychocandy , celebrating the mad rush of youth, Heartworm is most definitely Darklands. Heartworm is about Drew coping with rejection in his life and it was in fact inspired by rejection. Heartworm the album was a lifesaver for me when I was going through my divorce in Like Drew, I had lived in Ireland and I wanted to capture the vibe of mid-Nineties Dublin and the angst of the Whipping Boy album, which paralleled what was going on inside me.

The story begins in with Drew two-years sober, trying to stay afloat at a soul-crushing investor relations gig in Boston.

Soul Catcher (The Outsider #1) by Leigh Bridger

Circumstances lead him to a record label job in Los Angeles. Writing this final chapter was a therapeutic experience for me. I'd also point out that Croaker says, in Soldiers Live , that the women of Lady's culture were the ones who named the children. That begs the question of who named the Senjak sisters, since their mother was, umm It doubtless made the subsequent deceptions easier, though. I really enjoy this debate. But I can disprove that theory with just one point, which is: 1 The Dominator did not know the names of all the Taken.

Nowhere in the Black Company does it say that the Dominator knew all of the Taken's true names. We are told by Soulcatcher in the first book that Lady knows all of their true names But that's all it is: an assumption. There's no proof of it in the books. And since the Dominator blew his chance to name the Lady I personally think he's a moron who wouldn't have known Soulcatcher's true name even if she'd had it tattooed on her Whereas Lady, who Soulcatcher said herself does know all the Taken's names, calls Soulcatcher "Sylith.

As for their being a third sister among the Taken, there's this quote from Soldiers Live Soulcatcher, again : "The Dominator had taken her and all her sisters, had made one of them his wife and another his lover By their theory she became another of the Taken, maybe Nightcrawler.

Soul Catcher: The Outsider Trilogy, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Which would explain the identity of the third female Taken, which was never actually revealed in the novels But Booboo's true name, now I never said I doubted that. I think it's an interesting theory. I will note that if the Lady-crow could enunciate "sister, sister," she could probably also say "Miranda" if she wanted to.

Not that it matters. I just think "Wiranda" has a more exotic ring to it. In "Shadow Games," there were many scenes with the Shadowmasters discussing what the "Great Ones" up north, like Limper, were up to. Presumably they were also watching the events at the Barrowlands very closely, through a more-powerful version of the Scrying Bowl or what have you, and witnessed Lady being named. Interesting point. Let's look at it again from another point of view. Assumption 1: The names that the Senjak sisters knew each other by and called each other, were not the actual, true names.

There's considerable evidence for this, actually. Soulcatcher, even after knowing Lady's true name is Dorotea, still refers to Lady as Ardath on multiple occasions. Ditto for Booboo, Howler, or any other individual whom Lady cares about or is interested in. This is a very important part of Lady's character. Lady does this to both protect and hold power over those she is concerned with.

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Understand, Shukrat is correct in her observation that Soulcatcher could have wiped out Lady, Croaker, et. The unstated but proven corollary is that Lady could have crippled Soulcatcher on multiple occasions too, by naming her, or allowing another to name her. She didn't. This leaves two choices. Ardath, or Credence. At this point, yes, logic breaks down and no assumptions can be made about which one is Soulcatcher's true name.

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Probably because she either died or committed suicide. There's every indication that the Dominator's appetites were not exactly limited to one person. Also, there's the possibility that Soulcatcher wasn't being accurate in her own thoughts. She's more than a little bit crazy.

Remember, it's not the author saying "The Dominator took Soulcatcher and all her sisters, marrying the Lady and subjecting the other two to the Ritual of Taking. In the books, Lady is the only one who we know for sure took the name of one of of her sisters. There's a whole legend in the books about how Lady killed her sister, Ardath, and stole her identity.

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But there is no story about how Soulcatcher went by yet another sister's name. There is no proof for it, either. Lady is known by three names: Ardath her stolen name , Lady her current name , and Dorotea her true name. Soulcatcher is known by only two names: Soulcatcher her current name , and Sylith apparently her true name. First, what about your "Miranda" theory? Maybe she was guessing correctly that Sleepy would bever make the connection. But if she would yell out her own daughter's true name in front of a witness, there's really nothing to stop her from screaming Soulcatcher's name from the rooftops.

And even she can barely make it out. At first she thinks she heard "Ardath," before guessing it was "Silath," and then And who else was there to understand what they were hearing? Only Murgen might have realized, and clearly he didn't. But she agrees that she could give Tobo his name, "If I have to. And there is no hard evidence to prove that Credence is Soulcatcher's name. Unlike with Soulcatcher and Sylith, the name of Credence is never linked with Soulcatcher at all. Nor is there any real evidence thar Syltith isn't Soulcatcher's name.

So I say that Sylith definitely wins. But hey, believe what you like. I've already made my case. There was some sex; but it was part of the story. The story focuses on eternal souls who are destined to fight evil. It combines Cherokee legends, myths, and traditions of old with modern times. I thought that was unique. It made for a very mystical world.

The heroine in the story is a woman named Livia. As a child she draws a painting and receives a message: "Draw them. Trap them. Burn them. After spending some time in a Mental facility, she returns to NC. The only place that calls to her and has ever known.

She's a soul catcher dedicated to capturing and destroying evil beings from this world. In an earlier, different life and time, she crossed paths with a pig faced demon. Every time her soul began a new life, he would come for her, and kill Her and those who help Her. Livia becomes an old soul that is reborn over and over again.

Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy) Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy)
Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy) Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy)
Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy) Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy)
Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy) Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy)
Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy) Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy)
Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy) Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy)
Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy) Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy)
Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy) Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy)
Soul Catcher (Outsider Trilogy)

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