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What she delivered was a mass of hair with one eye and what looked like a mouth with one tooth. It had no limbs, just flippers. It didn't survive and neither did Annie. Molly took Annie's stash of money and ran away before the police arrived to question her. Toby Harper was an ER doctor who worked the night shift. She wasn't one to fall asleep on the job but this night she had.

A nurse came to get her and she thought it was to see a patient but she was led to the break room to celebrate her birthday. The party was interrupted by a cop bringing in a patient. He was an older man that had been found disoriented and naked wandering the streets. The started running some tests and could find nothing wrong. He seemed to be in very good shape for an 85 yr old man. They had to restrain him while they went to work on another patient that was brought in with a heart attack.

She didn't survive and it was an hour before they got back to checking on Harry Slotkin. He wasn't in his bed or in the hospital. Someone had untied Harry and he had left the hospital. He was picked up by someone in a van as he was walking the streets once again. He was not seen again.

See a Problem?

Toby and the hospital staff searched the hospital and the cops were called but he wasn't found. His son had arrived and was furious, blaming the loss on Toby. Toby was called in by the hospital board and questioned about her lack of care for this patient. A few months later, Angus Parmenter was brought in to the hospital by his daughter. He appeared to have the same symptoms as Mr. His doctor from the neighboring retirement community was called in and took over his case. Wallenburg was a geriatric physician who was giving hormone injections the the retirement community to make them feel young again.

They were rich patients who wanted the spend their money themselves rather than leave it to their children. Toby was having trouble at home with her mother, Ellen.

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She had Alzheimers and didn't want to put her in a nursing home. She had a good nurse had home but he had just told her that he was leaving. He hadn't been looking but was offered another job for better pay. Toby had to find another nurse quickly and set up interviews for a new nurse.

They found what they thought to be the perfect nurse. It had taken 6 months to find her current nurse and was surprised to find someone so quickly. Toby checked on Mr.

Parmenter and found that he was not doing well. He had gone into coma and wasn't in ICU after she had ordered him there. Wallenburg and rescinded the order. He died in his room a week later.

The Midnight Gang

She questioned Dr. Wallenburg about the lack of his ordering an autopsy. She was surprised that he was okay not having been diagnosed with anything to just let him die. She suspected that he knew something.

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He told Toby that his daughter had rejected an autopsy so Toby called her and found out that he had lied. Toby then called the Medical Examiner, Dr. Dan Dvorak and he agreed to perform an autopsy. Wallenburg called him after he found out what Toby had done and Dr. Dvorak told him that he had already started the autopsy. He decided to put the internal organs all back inside the body but the brain had been removed so they went ahead and ran tests on the brain matter. He found out that the brain tissue had holes that made it like a sponge.

He called her to come view it and she saw the diseased tissue. Robbie Brace was a big black man who was also a doctor at Bran Hill's medical facility. Toby met him when she was looking for Mr. She called him about Mr. Parmenter and asked questions about the hormone research being done on their retirement community patients.

She told him that she thought that a couple of her patients had been injected with tainted hormones. She asked him to help her get medical records for the two patient for the ME. Robbie met her at the clinic. Stan Mackie had been the first to go. Harry and Angus were next. James Bigelow and Phil Dorn were the last of a group of poker buddies. Phil didn't show up at Angus' funeral. Phil went by his house and no one answered the door so he went to see Dr. Phil was told that he was out to lunch.

The nurse pulled up Phil's file and it said that he had moved due to a family emergency. James knew that Phil had no family and began to panic thinking that he had died and he would be the next die from whatever had killed the others. Robbie Brace came to reception to try and calm him down. Robby went to see Dr. Wallenburg when he returned to work and asked about Mackie's death. He decided to go to the hospital where Dr.

Life in the ER After Midnight, Book 1

Mackie had apparently lost control and jumped out of a window. He checked the autopsy records and saw that he, along with Angus, had been diagnosed with Cruetzfeld-Jakob disease. He called Toby as he was leaving the hospital and left a message with her mom's nurse.

He was told that Toby was at work so he headed there to see her.

Life in the ER: After Midnight Book 3 Life in the ER: After Midnight Book 3
Life in the ER: After Midnight Book 3 Life in the ER: After Midnight Book 3
Life in the ER: After Midnight Book 3 Life in the ER: After Midnight Book 3
Life in the ER: After Midnight Book 3 Life in the ER: After Midnight Book 3
Life in the ER: After Midnight Book 3 Life in the ER: After Midnight Book 3
Life in the ER: After Midnight Book 3 Life in the ER: After Midnight Book 3

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