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Memories In The Shadow

They bring me their most treasured items; their child's artwork, the poster they picked up on a trip out west, or the painting they purchased from a street vendor in Italy.

Make Your Own Travel Memories Shadow Box

Of all the various framing jobs I see, by far the most personal, and most moving, are the shadow boxes. A shadow box, filled with memories of a specific person, activity, place or event, becomes so much more than the sum of its parts. It takes items and photos out of drawers and boxes, and allows you to tell a story in 3 dimensions. Those items, that are so personally important, become a visual display to share and relive. A shadow box frame can contain absolutely anything.

Raffaele Fiume, Joey Mauro

I've seen everything from wedding rings, to a trophy-size mounted musky go into a shadowbox. There is really no limit. The important thing to remember is that you are trying to tell a story. Choose items that capture what you want your shadow box to say. When you've got your items together, consult a professional. Given a red stone by Dana, Eike follows the Homunculus' instructions to give the stone to Wagner. Time-traveling ten days later, Eike discovers that the result of Wagner's experiment destroyed the lab and caused Hugo, already upset by his mother's death due to a lingering illness, to build a time machine and track Eike down with the intent of killing him.

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Depending on the player's actions, Hugo holds either Margarete or Dana hostage in the present and plans to use the red stone, revealed to be the Philosopher's Stone , to resurrect his mother. Shadow of Memories consists of eight endings, with six available at first. The last two must be unlocked by achieving the first six. The endings are presented in an alphabetical format, A—E, with B having two variations, and then two "EX" endings. In all endings, he discovers that Homunculus was using him to ensure that he would be "created" actually unsealed by Wagner, and returns the digipad to him. Ending A: Eike discovers that Homunculus switched the infants Dana and Margarete after meeting him in the towns park in , making modern-day Dana actually Margarete Wagner and medieval-Margarete actually Dana.

Furthermore, after visiting the fortuneteller in the modern day, it is revealed that she is the trapped disembodied spirit of Hugo's mother, Helena Wagner, brought back after a failed attempt by Hugo to resurrect her using unmastered alchemy.

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Homunculus creates a puppet resembling Wolfgang Wagner to attempt to dissuade Hugo from his plans, and after a short discussion, the puppet and Hugo disappear in a haze of smoke. Homunculus slyly reveals they could not call up the spirit of the real Dr.

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Wagner-as Eike had requested-because he was in fact not dead yet but Homunculus does not disclose Dr. Wagner's whereabouts.

While returning the digipad to Homunculus, Eike accidentally drops the device, which explodes, killing Homunculus with a single piece of shrapnel striking his cheek Homunculus had stated on multiple occasions that their body was extremely fragile. Sometime later, it is mentioned that Margarete is now reunited with her biological parents, the Brums, who adopted her, though it appears that none of them are aware of their true relation to each other.

Depending on the outcome of a certain time-travelling sub-quest, Eckart's wife and Margarete's mother, Miriam Brum, may or may not be alive as well she was implied to have been killed by a seemingly stray bullet while taking a walk with her baby, in the original time-line. While on a date together in the townsquare, Eike and Margarete who are implied to now be in a relationship return to the spot where Homunculus died, only to discover a large full-grown tree which contains the Philosopher's Stone already embedded in its trunk.

In B1, Eike discovers the fortune teller's identity and convinces Hugo to enter the hut to meet with her; Helena causes the building to collapse, killing Hugo, who allows himself to be killed by debris in order to be reunited with his mother though it is not mentioned if her spirit is actually freed by this. He then returns Margarete to the past in which she grew up though the present is actually her birth-era.

B2 sees Hugo attempt to abandon Margarete in the present, only to have Eckart subdue and scold him neither he nor Margarete are aware of their true relation to each other. Hugo apologizes and returns to the past with Margarete. Both variations conclude with Eike's decision to have a drink at the bar in celebration of living.

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Memories of a Coup in the Shadow of the Olympics – COHA

Ending C: Eike travels to Hugo searches for his father's research while an elderly Hugo appears with a time machine and offers to teach him to use it. When Eike reveals his presence in an effort to stop young Hugo from listening, the older version panics and tries to escape up the stairs. Margarete gets in his way, and he threatens and tries to strike her with his cane. Hugo rushes to stop him, and the two make contact, causing both Hugos cease to exist due to a dimensional paradox.

Margarete collapses, and Eike returns to the present, where he gives the Digipad back. After Homunculus' departure, Eike lies down in the street to look at the stars praising being alive, only to be run over by two drunk men in a car.

Magic Sword - Memories In Shadow

Unable to read the burned notes, Hugo apparently never learns about what his father was working on and thus never desires revenge or create a time machine, causing the Hugo and Margarete in the present to disappear. Hugo then decides to live his own life. It is revealed in a flashback that Homunculus is actually a djinn or genie imprisoned in the form of what became known as the Philosopher's Stone, and not at all an artificial life created by Wolfgang Wagner.

Upon learning of this from a newly awakened Homunculus who appears once the Stone evaporates into smoke , Wolfgang suddenly realizes that he has ultimately wasted the majority of his adult life for literally nothing as he has neglected his family by spending virtually all of his time over the years seeking to cure his wife's progressively degenerative illness by attempting to create a Philosopher's Stone in his lab, only for her to die anyway before he ever managed to accomplish anything; with Homunculus' revelation that the Philosopher's Stone is merely just the Homunculus' sealed form and not really an alchemical creation at all, it turns out that it was always impossible to begin with, already right from the very start.

Instantly becoming extremely depressed, Wolfgang immediately experiences a nervous breakdown and fervently wishes to be young again like Eike who he had met earlier and who impressed him with his youthful energy , so as to have a "do-over". Homunculus callously derides him for his spontaneous emotional outburst and an enraged Wolfgang then tries to reseal them with a pentagram.

This enrages Homunculus in turn and just before they transform into the Stone again, they curse Wolfgang "to suffer the eternal night of youth" the blessing of eternal youth but saddled with perpetually recurring amnesia thus filling the room with smoke and lightning. Once the air clears, Wolfgang Wagner's younger self is revealed to in fact actually be Eike himself it is subtly hinted earlier in the game in a conversation between Eike and Helena on her deathbed shortly before her death, that Helena finds that Eike's voice sounds shockingly similar to Wolfgang's.

Over the course of the next several centuries, Eike then becomes an immortal wanderer who permanently loses all his long-term memories on a regular periodic basis. Ending E: Eike asks Dana, the actual Margarete Wagner his biological daughter, based on Ending D, though neither is aware of this , to return with him to the present in which she grew up, and she agrees. She is held hostage by Hugo again, neither of them nor Eike are aware of their true relation to each other.

Memory Information

Eike goes to get Margarete and brings her to the present, where she slaps and scolds Hugo. Tearfully, she tells him she can try and be more like their mother was to them and take care of them both. Hugo apologizes, then returns to the past with Margarete, who had managed to warn Eike about Hugo's plans. Eike and Dana are then about to intimately share a tender embrace but are suddenly interrupted by Homunculus.

After a brief conversation in which Eike returns the digipad to Homunculus, Eike walks Dana back to her apartment. In a flashback, it is shown that Homunculus made Wagner disappear possibly killing him , after he had wished never to see the creature again. It is possible this is not actually a flashback, but an epilogue, revealing what happens after Eike gives Dr.

Wagner the Stone, which contains the Homunculus he sealed away in another timeline.

State v. Gary Mitchum Reeves – Episode 3 – In Memory and Shadow

This also explains how Eike is able to encounter Homunculus in the ruins of Wagner's house after the experiment fails and why they did not recognize him. EX Ending: This has two variations. Awakening from his first death with all his memories, Eike gets the red stone from the diner before Dana comes looking for him. Both result in Eike fading away.

Regardless of either choice, the final scene is the same. A young man who resembles Eike is walking through the streets in present-day and struck down like before. The object turns out to be a soccer ball that hit him, and the man returns the ball to a boy similar in appearance to Hugo.

In , the now-defunct Runecraft company ported it to the PC , [7] while an Xbox port appeared simultaneously in Europe and Australasia; a PlayStation Portable port arrived in

In Memorys Shadow In Memorys Shadow
In Memorys Shadow In Memorys Shadow
In Memorys Shadow In Memorys Shadow
In Memorys Shadow In Memorys Shadow
In Memorys Shadow In Memorys Shadow
In Memorys Shadow In Memorys Shadow
In Memorys Shadow In Memorys Shadow
In Memorys Shadow In Memorys Shadow
In Memorys Shadow

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