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A beautiful pendulum with small pieces of Moldavite tektites in the upper chamber. Here is what the Crystal Oversoul Attunement cards say about Moldavite. Connect with us.

Music To Awaken The Super Consciousness Thru Bridge Between The Unconscious & Consciousness ♡ 432hz

She understands how to make energy-work and spirituality practical. How the healing manifests will be up to the individual Soul and Higher Self. Often, you will need to bring your conscious mind habits into alignment with the vibrational shifts that will happen to reap the most benefit. After a clearing, any negative subconscious tendencies will be greatly reduced since a clearing empowers you find the Ability to Respond Responsibility to your life situations and transcend any limited perceptions you might have about yourself and others.

Lisa works with clients remotely via Zoom or FaceTime worldwide. The effect of this work is amazingly profound. The negative energy you held on an event is cleared and this can produce amazing changes in your life. This information is not intended to diagnose or prescribe medical or psychological conditions nor top claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions. The beginning of the workshop will be used mostly for familiarizing dowsers with Quantum Dowsing theory and beginning exercises.

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With this experience, individuals will be able to choose foods, objects, music, pendulums and much more. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

The Ancient Art of Dowsing by Pamela Kramer

Join My List. See more of Golden Light Dowsing on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. It radiates unconditional love, a clear mind and wisdom, among other qualities, such as courage and serenity. It can help you to awaken to who you really are and your higher purpose, and help protect you from harm.

This is a stone associated with mystic powers and protection. It helps to clarify thought processes and increase your energy. It is great for direct energy with more intensity and connecting with your Higher Self. This, in turn, can help you find your spiritual purpose. This gemstone enhances intuition, raises your consciousness and connects you to the energy that governs the Universe. Think of a champagne bottle being broken on the side of the ship on its maiden voyage. And cleansing your pendulum can become a ritual, too. Leave it on the window-sill or outside, where your pendulum can soak up tons of goodness from The Sun or The Moon.

Put some sea salt it has to be sea salt into a glass filled with water. Leave your pendulum to soak for 8 hours. You can then lay it out in the sunlight to dry for an hour or so. White sage is often used to cleanse a room or crystals of different energies. Burn some white sage in a fireproof bowl or container.

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Place your pendulum in the smoke, and hold it there for a few minutes. Your pendulum may dance or slow down but carry on for up to 5 minutes. Before you can start dowsing, there is one more important thing to do — dedicating your pendulum. The reason for this is that you want to make sure that you connect with your pendulum on an energetic level. You also want to be absolutely sure that you allow only beings of light to use the pendulum. This is why this step is so important.

Where Do Dowsing Answers Come From?

Make it into a short ritual. You can also use sage. Only light beings and spirits can use it. You want to absolutely certain that you observe this step before you start dowsing.

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  • Do you remember those questions I asked you to think about earlier? Well, this is where you get to put them to use.

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    This will ensure that your pendulum can focus on that task more effectively. The most important thing is to cleanse and dedicate your pendulum. Place the pendulum above the candle flame or the smoke of the sage, and keep it there until it stops to move. No one is entirely sure how pendulum dowsing works.

    The short answer is — you can ask any question. Your pendulum is not limited to one area of life, but if you have set an intention for it, the pendulum will be most accurate and focused on questions related to that question. For example, if your intention for your pendulum was to receive and share love, then your pendulum will be well-equipped to ask questions about romantic partners, friendships and other questions related to love.

    Locating lost objects or missing pets, underground pipe leaks, sources of malfunction in your equipment, health problems in your body. Determining compatibility between things and places, as well as people. Checking the health of animals and plants; checking if someone is being honest. Assistance in making big decisions, such as career change, relationships, investments and stocks, and many others. Although there are some ways in which a pendulum typically tends to swing to give you a specific answer, remember that each pendulum is unique.

    Hold your pendulum in the hand that you write with. Observe in which way it moves.

    These are the four directions in which a pendulum tends to swing, and you should repeat this process until you get a good feel in which way your pendulum is swinging for a particular answer. Now, to take your pendulum for a test ride. Write down some statements about you or your life to check the accuracy of your pendulum. For example, you could write:. Ask your pendulum to answer each one. Do the same as before — hold it in your dominant hand, ask the question or state the statement, and your pendulum will show you the right answer.

    Dowsing For Higher Consciousness Dowsing For Higher Consciousness
    Dowsing For Higher Consciousness Dowsing For Higher Consciousness
    Dowsing For Higher Consciousness Dowsing For Higher Consciousness
    Dowsing For Higher Consciousness Dowsing For Higher Consciousness
    Dowsing For Higher Consciousness Dowsing For Higher Consciousness

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