Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life

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If you can point us in the right direction This post was Flag for removal. Save Comment. I am a beginner and this book is perfect for helping me enter the flow of magick. I had this book built so high in my thoughts and when I opened it, it did not disappoint! I am in love all this book offers! I love the book.

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PDF Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life

Although I was thirty eight years old then and felt I possessed some degree of self-awareness; I was also convinced that a set of crucial instructions must exist or be locatable somewhere out there. When I took my first trip to purchase the layette with my mother and mother-in-law, my insecurities took hold.


I read it and broke into fits of laughter. Once composed, I realized I was overcome by the absurdity of this list, actually believing it might contain the Holy Grail to bringing home baby. A baby blessing ceremony or parenthood shower is a way to usher in these profound changes. It offers a way to ease and embrace your new identity as you become a mom or dad. And of course it welcomes and blesses the newest member of your family tree! You have absolute control over my words, yet, I offer my experience and wisdom so you are not floundering or forced into a role.


Like handmade shoes, the fit is perfect and uniquely you. Yet, the shoe is supportive, durable, beautiful and necessary for taking your next steps in life. My ceremonies are handmade, in the most elegant way. Taken from the rich soil of your life experiences and designed to honour your dreams and desires.

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  • Let me design your brilliant unique, elegant and graceful ceremony to celebrate the times of your life. Want to know whether we are available?

    Join a community that is committed to making a difference for women from all around the world.

    Fill out our brief Contact Form. Get the process started with our Contact Form. What ever stage of planning you are in contact me for a complimentary consultation. I will sit with you and discuss what service will be perfect for your dreams. Each Ceremony is designed to honour your beloved. Through a thoughtful and safe discerning process we collaborate to tell the story of your beloved in ceremony. You will feel profoundly supported and empowered.

    A way to honour the huge life change that a baby brings. Deeply moving and meaningful, your community, family and child will be thrilled to be involved in this Ceremony. Make a commitment to your child to raise them in the best way possible. Buying your first home, or moving out of your last is a transition that can be eased and honoured through ceremony. Using words, simple rituals and a gathering of friends you will envision your next step in life.

    We have lost the art of guiding our children through their teen years and into adulthood. With a Coming of Age Ceremony you remind them of your love for them, call to their unique gifts and point them towards their future all with the support of family and friends. Using the values they were raised with you free them for the adventures of their own life. A ceremony designed to help children transition to a life with a new parent.


    Often created within a Wedding Ceremony. Parents and step-parents make vows to children to support, acknowledge their transition into a new family while respecting the family that they come from. Beautiful with adoptive families as well. The arrival of our little girl has meant so much to both our families in Australia and Canada and the service was the most perfect way to celebrate that love.

    Thank you sincerely for your warmth, professionalism and efficiency in putting together the service at short notice. Everyone felt we captured Thalia's spirit perfectly. With input from many of his loved ones, she created a ceremony that was performed in two cities for two different groups of his friends that was tremendously heartfelt and filled with more meaning than she could have ever have known. It was hard to believe that she had never met him in person or known of the struggles he had with his mental health prior to his death, but she brought profound meaning to both of the memorial services.

    It made us so excited to think that this is happening in a little over a month. Thank you for taking the time to create a personal and unique ceremony for us. This is a gift to us, which we will remember and be thankful for forever. Thank you for including all the points we shared with you in the package we completed.

    Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life
    Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life
    Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life
    Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life
    Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life
    Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life Blessings & Rituals for the Journey of Life

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