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414 African American Black Girl Names

The name Walter has been one of the most popular baby names in the U. Gertrude might seem a little old-fashioned for a baby born in the 21st century.

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But with adorable nicknames like Trudy and Gertie, your little one can easily grow into her adult name. A classic name that has become less common in recent years is Hortense. Variations of the name include Ortense, Hortensia and Ortensia. Herbert was one of the top baby names in the U. Fans of the Golden Girls might think of Blanche as the name of an older Southern woman.

If Blanche is a little too old-fashioned, consider variations such as Blanca, Bianca, and Branca. The moniker was at its peak at the turn of the 20th century, around the time of the birth of American novelist Ernest Hemingway.

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In , the name Florence was the seventh most popular girls name in the U. Before becoming synonymous with Christmas , Rudolph was a popular name for baby boys. A name that spent nearly 30 years as one of the top baby names for girls, Agnes fell off of the charts after June has come in and out of fashion over the last years. June made a comeback in , and is as popular a baby name today as it was at the turn of the 20th century.

A name with an unusual dual image: upright, intellectual Edith, a la novelist Wharton, and glamorous, wild Edie, a la Factory Girl Sedgwick. Finally rebounding after years of neglect in the U. After decades for which this appealing name was associated almost exclusively with a cartoon cow, Elsie is finally coming into its own.

The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2017

Not just a J. Abrams heroine anymore, Felicity is in the Top in the U. Nearly baby girls were named Iris in the U. Iris Murdoch, a revered British novelist who was played by Judi Dench and Kate Winslet in a movie, gives it a heft and seriousness that some find lacking in names like Violet and Daisy. In America, it climbed back into the Top in for the first time since the first Reagan Administration. Just a few years ago, Thea was a totally obscure name, better known by scholars of Ancient Greek than parents looking for something to call their daughter. It comes from the name of one of the first Titans in Greek mythology, the daughter of the Earth who gave birth to the sun and the moon.

News U. Of late, we are seeing video game influence on the baby name choice as well. Jaxton, Merrat Jaxton would make an uncommon alternative to Jackson and Jaxon. And it was popular enough to be on the th spot last year. This one has a little bit of J, a little bit of V, and an ending with —ion, everything that you need to make a name unique. Juelz, the masculine form of the name Jules shares its association with Juelz Santana, the stage name of Louis James, the American rapper, and actor. This New Testament name would make an unusual alternative to Justin or Justice.

Besides being our guilty pleasure, reality television has also become a source of trendy baby names. This modern name is perhaps a combination of Kash and Ashton. What do you think? This moniker made its first appearance on the SSA list last year. And it was quite popular when it was coined, but is now seldom used by parents. This one belongs to the former category. Not much used, but sounds pleasing and usable.

This English surname puts in the stem with the current trendy names like Ash, Cash, and Dash. It came into prominence via the portrayal of the character Nash Bridges by Don Johnson. You can view Niko as a diminutive of Nikolaos or as an exotic and unusual spelling of Nico. People have been using last names as first names since the ancient times.

This name is chic, cool, and trend-setting, just like your son would be. Once used mainly for girls, Oakley made a sharp rise for males last year. You can also use it for your baby girl. This is one of our most favorite nature inspired names. It reentered the popularity list for the first time last year since We feel that this name shares the quirky appeal of names like Hugo and Bruno. And Madonna glamorized this name when she chose it for her son. You can shorten it to Rodge for the nickname. This name would appeal to parents who want a trendy, Ry starting name for their sons.

It hovered in the top list for past five years, but never really made an impact on parents. Todd is one of the most stylish and masculine animal-inspired names. So go for it!

Here's what the most popular baby names were in Ireland last year

An offbeat name with loads of character, relating to number five, Quentin is the subtlest and the most usable numerical name for your son. It made its appearance on the top list just last year. Zaire is an extremely attractive and wearable place name for your son. This place was the Central African state for over two decades. These names are original, yet unique.

10 Most Uncommon Beautiful Indian Baby Girls Names 2019

So which of these names appealed to you the most? Tell us by in the comment section below! Image: iStock. Was this information helpful?

All the little people used to be called these way back in the day.

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400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls 400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls
400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls 400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls
400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls 400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls
400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls 400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls
400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls 400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls
400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls 400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls
400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls 400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls
400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls 400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls
400 Beautiful Names for Baby Girls

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